"Britain needs a strong opposition. The Liberal Democrats will be that strong opposition." Tim Farron

In his conference speech in Brighton, Tim Farron declared that the Liberal Democrats were ready to be the strong opposition to the Tories that Great Britain needs.

With Labour re-electing Jeremy Corbyn as their leader, they are choosing to leave the country to deal with a generation of Tory rule. They are choosing to allow a government to lead Great Britain to a hard Brexit which will cost jobs. They are choosing to accept attacks on our civil liberties and human rights and they are choosing to throw away Great Britain's world class expertise in green energy.

Liberal Democrats will be the opposition that the Labour party has chosen not to be. We will be a united force fighting to ensure that Great Britain remains an outward looking power in Europe and on the world stage. We will ensure that the Tories are properly held to account. 

Since May, Liberal Democrats have gained more council seats in by-elections than all other parties combined. We have the desire to win because we know that when you win, you gain the power to change people's lives.

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Watch the full speech here

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A Housing Plan For Londoners

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