Caroline Pidgeon in Bexley

Caroline Pidgeon has been a member of the GLA for 8 years, understands how London works and has a plan to make it work better for all Londoners. In her visit to Bexley, she found that the key issues in the local area were housing and transport. Luckily for the people of Bexley, Caroline has a plan:



Ending the problems with Southeastern Trains

Caroline will take the suburban rail lines under TfL control.

For too long, people in Bexley have had to endure poor service from Southeastern, with regular delays and cancellations. This affects journeys in to central London for work and delays journeys for those visiting businesses in Bexley.

Delivering half price fares before half seven

Caroline will target fare reductions to help those who need it most.

Caroline Pidgeon understands the need to have money to pay for London's infrastructure and knows that unfunded giveaways will prevent London from meeting the needs of the future. her fully costed plan to reduce fares for people who use pay as you go Oyster cards before 7:30. This will reduce the cost to low paid workers who tend to work earlier and will reduce overcrowding by encouraging others to begin journeys way before rush hour.


Fixing the housing crisis

Caroline will build 200,000 homes including 50,000 for social housing

Caroline has a plan to continue the Olympic precept and transform it into a housing precept. This will unlock billions of pounds of funding to pay for homes to be built on public land. She will set up an authority to directly build properties and push the private sector to up their game. Caroline will also train the next generation of British builders and engineers by setting up a construction academy. This will give young Londoners a chance to learn modern construction techniques and gain a great career for life.

Fighting for a better deal for private tenants 

Caroline will end letting fees for tenants and bring in a register of landlords to make life better for renters. 

Renting a home in London can be a nightmare for Londoners: people struggle to find deposits and on top of that, letting agent fees are huge and the quality of homes can be poor, even for those with good incomes.

Caroline's plan is to create a register of all landlords to root out the rogues. She would also scrap letting agent fees for tenants and encourage longer tenancies.


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