A Housing Plan For Londoners

Join Caroline Pidgeon and the London Liberal Democrats in calling for a better policy for homes.

We need you to join us in our campaign for more new homes and a fair deal for renters.

Did you know?

The Liberal Democrats worked in coalition to improve the government's approach to homes. They:

  • Increased the number of homes built from record lows to 150,000 a year and ensured the first net gain in social housing for 30 years.
  • Brought in legislation to ban revenge evictions and created a register of rogue landlords with financial penalties of up to £30,000.
  • Improved the energy efficiency of over a million homes, reducing UK energy consumption by 2.5% between 2013 and 2015.


Caroline's Plan

The Liberal Democrats in London, led by Caroline Pidgeon AM, want to create decent homes for all Londoners. We will:

  • Use the Olympic Precept from Council Tax as a Housing Precept to unlock £2 billion of funding.
  • Build 200,000 homes on publicly owned land, including 50,000 genuine council homes. 
  • Create a Construction Academy to develop and train young people in modern building methods.
  • Bring in a register for Landlords to stop private renters being exploited and end up front fees for tenants who are renting privately.
  • Support councils to enforce housing standards and prosecute rogue landlords.

If you agree with Caroline, Join our campaign for a better housing plan for London. Add your name and details to the petition below and help us to make London a great place to own or rent a home.

Will you sign?

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A Housing Plan For Londoners

A Housing Plan For Londoners

Sign the petition to build 200,000 homes, including 50,000 council houses, and a better deal for private renters



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