Liberal Democrats Announce Candidate for By-Election


Bexley Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that Simone Reynolds, a local mum of two who works in the mental health sector, will be their candidate for the by-election in St Michael’s ward on 30th June.

Simone has lived and worked in the borough with her family for 8 years; both her children go to school in Bexley and she works for a mental health charity here. “It is time there was a Liberal Democrat voice on our Council” said Simone.   “The moderate voices of the borough are not being heard and there are major issues that affect our families’ lives that are being ignored”.

Simone will be campaigning on a range of issues affecting the local area; in particular, she will be talking to local residents about road safety and mental health provision in the borough.

Simone has been a long-term supporter of the road safety campaign to introduce 20 mph zones in key areas. “There are 3 schools in St Michael’s, the roads are busy and there is a history of accidents in the area.  Introducing 20 mph zones would make the roads safer for all road users and improve the environment. Experience in other boroughs has shown that such zones are widely welcomed by the local residents and are relatively low cost “. 

Simone is a passionate advocate of mental health services in the borough, and she has worked in the mental health arena for over 20 years.  She backs the national Liberal Democrat campaign to ensure mental health gets the support it deserves, particularly for children and the elderly.  She supported the recent Alzheimer’s Awareness Week and thinks that Bexley council should commit to becoming more dementia-friendly.  “It’s the most vulnerable in our society who are bearing the brunt of the cuts and I’m determined to speak up for them”.

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