A polling day message from Julie Ireland


Dear friends and supporters,

Polling stations open today from 7am-10pm.

When you go to vote you'll be faced with a choice, do you want to accept things as they are, or do you want to vote for change?

A vote for Julie Ireland and for Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats means you believe in a better future.

Caroline Pidgeon is the candidate who has a fully costed plan to improve London including half price fares for commuters travelling before 7.30 a.m., continuing the Olympic Precept to pay for truly affordable homes for our families, more flexible childcare in the mornings and evenings, and 3000 extra police on the streets of London. When you vote tomorrow you will vote for the mayor, and also vote for the members of the Greater London Assembly so it's important to vote Liberal Democrat for the Assembly Members as well.

Together we can build that better future. Vote for that future today.



Vote for Julie Ireland on your yellow ballot paper and for Caroline Pidgeon and Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats on your pink and orange ballot papers


Thank you for your support

Yours sincerely,

Julie Ireland

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