A polling day message from Julie Ireland


Dear friends and supporters,

Polling stations open today from 7am-10pm.

When you go to vote you'll be faced with a choice, do you want to accept things as they are, or do you want to vote for change?

A vote for Julie Ireland and for Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats means you believe in a better future.

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Polling Day: Support the Liberal Democrats

On the 5th May, Londoners will get three chances to vote for a Liberal London - A pink ballot paper for Caroline Pidgeon for Mayor, a Yellow ballot paper for Julie Ireland for Bexley and Bromley and an orange ballot paper to elect Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats to the London Assembly.

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Bexley Liberal Democrats in Sidcup


Bexley Liberal Democrats met people in Sidcup ahead of the Mayoral election on 5th May. The local candidate, Julie Ireland, was keen to speak to local people about their concerns and talk about how Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats can help deal with the big issues facing people in Bexley. 

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Obama lays out case for Britain in the EU

President Barack Obama used his final visit to the UK to show strong support for Britain’s continued membership of the EU. The relationship between the US and the UK is one of the most vital for international security and economic development and the views of the President should be taken seriously. President Obama’s intervention makes it clear that the vote on 23rd June will have consequences far beyond the UK.



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Liberal Democrats Election Broadcast


Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats released their party election broadcast today, outlining what Caroline can achieve as Mayor. See the video here:

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Julie Ireland in Bexley Times

Julie Ireland, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bexley and Bromley candidate was interviewed by the Bexley Times.


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Caroline Pidgeon in Bexley

Caroline Pidgeon has been a member of the GLA for 8 years, understands how London works and has a plan to make it work better for all Londoners. In her visit to Bexley, she found that the key issues in the local area were housing and transport. Luckily for the people of Bexley, Caroline has a plan:


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Caroline Pidgeon visits Bexley

Mayoral candidate, Caroline Pidgeon will be visiting the borough on Saturday 2nd April. 

Caroline and the Bexley Liberal Democrats will be out and about from 10am on Saturday 2nd April. Starting at Bexleyheath station then meeting local businesses and members of the public on the Broadway until 11:30am, so you'll have the opportunity to meet her and talk to the local party. She'll then be heading to Sidcup high street where she'll be meeting residents, shoppers and local businesses until 12:30.

Why Liberal Democrats are #In

Liberal Democrats believe that being an active member of the EU helps Britain to tackle the greatest problems facing us in the 21st Century. Working as a block of 28 countries allows Britain to combat climate change, tackle cross border crime, and effectively control large corporations, ensuring that taxes are paid fairly by all businesses.

We are a Liberal party which believes in open markets and free movement of people, goods and services as we know that these increase prosperity for all. We are an open, optimistic and outward-facing party and we want Britain to stand proud in the EU and continue to play a leading role in the world. Britain is better in Europe and Europe is better with Britain.


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Conference Report


From Friday 11th March to Sunday 13th March, The Liberal Democrats met for their spring conference in York

This was not only a great opportunity to meet with friends but also a chance for Liberal Democrats to decide policy on topics including housing, the economy, and drugs.

Over the weekend, the Liberal Democrats also discussed how to increase the diversity of the party so that it looks like the society it represents; This means more opportunities for women, people from ethnic minorities and LGBT+communities, and those with disabilities.

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